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PLUS classic gummies have been a crowd-favorite since 2017! Now vegan, these 5mg THC pectin gummies are available in three delicious flavors, are all-natural and hand-crafted, and infused with a special terpene blend to deliver a perfect buzz.

PLUS’ mission is to harness the power of the plant in order to produce functional, flavorful cannabis products that enhance your daily life. With a production process rooted in science and backed by expertise, PLUS is relentless in its pursuit of excellence when it comes to its best-selling, cannabis edibles. Offered in an array of doses, cannabinoid ratios, terpenes profiles, flavors, and functional ingredients, PLUS THC-Gummies enable you to customize your cannabis routine to fit your particular, personal needs.

At PLUS we’re committed to providing you wth the same quality every single bite. We voluntarily perform eight (8) various types of internal product testing. This ensures all products meet our rigorous quality standards before hitting the shelves. And all of PLUS’s THC gummies are highly concentrated with pure and potent THC so you can enjoy a cleaner high.

We care about Mother earth and our consumers. We’re always exploring ways we can get better and better. In 2021 we launched our line of all natural gummies to remove the use of any artificial flavors and colors from our recipes. In 2022 we transitioned our line of all natural, vegan gummies to 100% recyclable tins, 100% plastic free and printed with non-toxic inks

Cannabis can be complicated, but we believe it doesn’t have to be.

At PLUS, we’ve created an approachable way into the wild world of weed. Through best-in-class food manufacturing and precision dosing, we’re empowering the everyday cannabis experience.

We recognize that every consumer’s preferences, chemistry and need states are unique. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. That’s why we’ve created a system that’s as versatile as it is straightforward. We make it easy to find your just right!